2.WHO’s connected to “Blue Way Studies”

The simple answer is everyone who lives on Earth, one way or another by living on it. The degree & quality of this connection to the EARTH will naturally vary from the wise to the Foolish.

The Negation of oneself is useful if it’s the wrong self being negated.                                                                         Card 22. A.K.A The Fool


CARD 14.THE COMMUNICATION. [AKA “The Searcher reaches Lands end, among’st other names]                            From The FROWN STRONG Pack.
It has been said that deep sea dwellers like Dolphins communicate with low frequency sounds. Its interesting that bass notes appears on high and yet 9 is a number that is more than an octave above 1.

The members of this particular study group  are those  who would use any knowledge of the Earths and Creations way as seen through the natural laws within any study done.

Study reveals this blue planet Earth within this local galaxy is symptomatic of this Blue Ray, amongst others.   Flags are a good example of attempts by man  to show  this fact but NOT necessarily consciously.  Very much was/is known about this relationship in Ancient Egypt. (Not the Ancient Egypt as presented by the majority “Egyptologists” of today).

Thus Blue Way Studies is an expression of some of the work done through practical application, research, study and as a matter of  principle of living on a blue planet.

Many groupings of people since 1978 re. these particular  subjects  and with the  most incredible results for the students and for this writer, the most incredible privilege in the dispensation of this knowledge and experience in dealing with people.  Results of course are what one would expect or that which has exceeded expectations from any “Study” undertaken particularly  from a vast quantity of subjects   found in the Esoteric realms.

The Blue Way presented has no antithesis. It produced a wealth of archives in its own right from many realms including the mental to the physical and the electromagnetic.  Since its inception many people from various walks of life from all over the world have had results they claim during engagement and confirmed by this writer.

Now in 2016 any one interested in the subjects offered  [too many to list completely even on a website] is presently invited to apply to join a study/research group.

During any period of lesser activity  this writer it can be said found nothing that could be called the same as the teachings offered herein. Yes many ideas etc.. cross lines at certain points of course.

Just a bit on Blue

Blue is predominantly the colour of Peace, a peacekeeper for the Queen[Earth] is quite a job of great honour, difficult at times but highly rewarding. It’s interesting the “law enforcement” of some countries call their forces “Peacekeepers”, upholders of the Queens peace etc..

The Blue Way Studies approach some would call “up sided down” to  many subjects offered/studied by others and in attitude.

From the DEAR DRAGON Book. Inspiration

Will A SUNBEAM take with it the experience gained on this planet?

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